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De Mairo Ltd , Canada

Lapis Lazuli Handmade Watercolour Paint Pure Fra Angelico Blue

Lapis Lazuli Handmade Watercolour Paint Pure Fra Angelico Blue

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Our handmade watercolor paints made with genuine premium Afghan lapis lazuli pigment are known for their unique and exceptional qualities. Lapis lazuli is a gemstone that has been used as a pigment for centuries by old masters and celebrated artists and is prized for its rich brilliant blue color. We use high quality medium such as top-grade gum Arabic and locally sourced raw honey to make our lapis watercolor paints which have these valuable characteristics.

Rich Brilliant Blue Color: Our lapis watercolor paint has an intense and vibrant blue color. It produces a deep, captivating hue that is hard to replicate with synthetic pigments. It remains vibrant once dried, rather than appearing dull or chalky.

Lightfastness and permanence: Lapis lazuli watercolor paint is highly lightfast, meaning it resists fading or discoloration when exposed to light over time. This quality makes it ideal for creating artworks that are long-lasting and do not yellow with time.

Transparency: Lapis lazuli watercolors can be quite transparent, which allows effective layering and blending colors, creating depth and luminosity in the artwork.

 Crystalline structure: Lapis lazuli pigment has a characteristic crystalline structure, which means that the particles of the pigment in the paint reflect light like a gem on the paper, creating an amazing interplay of light that adds depth and interest to the artwork.

Consistency and flow: Our Lapis watercolors have a consistent texture and flow, which makes them easy to work with. This includes uniform color dispersion and minimal graininess.

Mixing Ability: Our Lapis Lazuli watercolors allow for easy mixing of colors, enabling artists to create a wide range of hues and shades.

Lifting and Layering: Our High-quality Lapis watercolors can be easily lifted or reactivated when needed, allowing artists to correct mistakes or make adjustments. They also allow for layering without muddying previous layers.

Value addition: Using gemstone Lapis lazuli watercolors in paintings adds monetary value to your artwork.


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