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Lapis Lazuli Pigment Wholesale Jar Pack for Art Stores, Affiliate Marketing, Colleges, 20 Jars Pack

Lapis Lazuli Pigment Wholesale Jar Pack for Art Stores, Affiliate Marketing, Colleges, 20 Jars Pack

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  • Lapis lazuli is a deep blue semi-precious stone that has been used as a pigment in the art for centuries
  • The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used lapis lazuli to create stunning blue hues in their paintings and frescoes
  • Medieval and Renaissance painters also used lapis lazuli to create rich, vibrant blues in their works, such as Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel
  • Lapis lazuli was so expensive that it was used sparingly and mainly in the robes of the Virgin Mary, the most important figure or the most striking parts of the painting, making it a symbol of the wealth and importance of the patron who commissioned the work.
  • Famous artists such as Jan van Eyck used lapis lazuli in his paintings to create a rich blue background, which was intended to symbolize the spiritual realm and the divine.
  • The use of lapis lazuli as a pigment began to decline in the 18th century with the discovery of new blue pigments such as ultramarine and cobalt blue, which were cheaper and more consistent in colour.


  • Our wholesale jar pack is currently 50% off at a discounted rate.
  • The pack includes:
    • 10 jars of 10 grams at a cost of $10 each.
    • 10 jars of 30 grams at a cost of $30 each.
  • Art stores that promote our lapis lazuli pigment in their store will have their name added to our store so customers can buy from them to save on shipping charges.
  • It's a limited-time offer and the art store should act fast to avail this offer.
  • The offer is only available for the Wholesale Jars pack, and not for individual jars or other packs.
  • This offer is for art stores and individual customers to sell to Galleries or in Universities, can also sell through affiliate Marketing.
  • The promotion of the store name on our website is only for the duration of the sale.
  • The offer is subject to change and availability.
  • The offer is not applicable to other promotions or discounts.
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"Unlock the secrets of the Old Masters with Lapis Lazuli Pigment"

  • Vibrant Color

    Lapis lazuli pigment is known for its rich, deep blue color that is highly sought after by artists and crafters.

  • Lightfastness

    It has good lightfastness, meaning it will retain its color over time without fading when exposed to light.

  • Versatility

    It is suitable for a variety of mediums including oil, water color, acrylic, tempera, and fresco painting, as well as inks, dyes, and pottery glazes.

  • High Opacity

    Lapis Lazuli Pigment has a high level of opacity which means it can cover other colors effectively and produce a rich and intense blue color.

  • Durability

    Lapis Lazuli Pigment is a durable and long-lasting pigment, it is resistant to fading, chalking and discoloration.

  • Intensity

    Lapis Lazuli Pigment is known for its intense and rich blue color that is ideal for creating a range of shades and hues.

  • Transparent

    The transparency of Lapis Lazuli Pigment allows for layering and glazing techniques, which can be used to create depth and luminosity in paintings.

  • Fine Grind

    Lapis Lazuli Pigment is finely ground to produce a smooth and consistent texture which makes it easy to mix and apply.

  • Historical Significance

    Lapis Lazuli has been used as a pigment for thousands of years, by ancient Egyptians, Greek, and Roman cultures.

  • Healing Properties

    Lapis Lazuli Pigment is believed to have healing properties and is traditionally used in spiritual and healing practices.

  • Monetary Value

    artworks that contain Lapis Lazuli Pigment can be considered more valuable and sought after by collectors, which can lead to higher prices for the artist.

  • Non-Toxic

    Lapis Lazuli Pigment is a natural and non-toxic pigment which makes it a safer alternative to some of the synthetic pigments available today.